How to find a good barber

  • October 28, 2021

As the winter turns to spring, barbershops in many areas of the United States have become a hotbed for a new trend: the trend of “barbershops for kids.”

Kids are a big part of barbershop culture in America, and kids can’t get enough of a good haircut.

Kids have been drawn to the hairstyles, and many have started dressing up as the characters in the popular television series, “American Grown.”

There are even more adult-focused hair styles, like those in which a person is given a pair of bobby pins and a wig to grow out.

And now, for the first time in decades, barber shops are opening to serve children as well.

“It’s exciting for us because we are seeing a lot more kids come in, and it’s really fun to be a part of that,” said Jeff Hildebrand, owner of HildeBrand Barber Shop in Atlanta.

Hildebrands was also part of the panel at the Hair Industry Expo, which opened this week in Denver, Colo., and which is sponsored by the American Hair Institute.

This year’s Expo will also feature a panel of industry experts, including Jeff Hirsch, CEO of the American Barbershop Association.

The panel will focus on barbering and grooming for kids, but the experts will also include barber school alumni and industry veterans.

Hirsch has been an advocate for children’s hair care for decades, but he says that kids are increasingly turning to barbers for the same reason that barbers have been: because they want to help their parents.

“Kids are going to be asking us to do things we would never do in their house,” he said.

“They’re not looking for a product that’s a quick fix, they’re looking for something that’s going to keep their hair soft, look healthy, and last a long time.”

Barbershops that cater to kids can make money from that, Hildebroch said.

But as the number of kids grows, so do the costs.

He said it costs $10,000 to $15,000 per child to grow hair and $40,000 for a full-time professional barber.

He also noted that some barbers will charge a small fee for hair removal.

Hotharbrand said that barber schools are starting to offer some additional services for children, such as a haircut.

“There are so many places that are out there that cater specifically to kids, and the kids can really benefit,” he explained.

But Hildeband said that while barbers offer a number of services for kids with hair problems, many barbers aren’t equipped to handle the many needs they may face.

“Some people will do the right thing and just do what they’re told, but it’s going in the wrong direction,” he noted.

“The more we educate people about the importance of hair and about hair care, the better it will all work out.”

The panels will be held Thursday through Sunday, March 8-9.

The Hair Industry Fair in Denver will also offer an array of other fun activities.

Attendees can explore barbers and hair services with hair experts, listen to music, see real hair from real people, visit hair fairs, visit local farms and even meet some of the local businesses that make the hair industry possible.

“We’ve done an amazing job in educating people on the importance, and how important hair is for kids,” said Hildebruch.

“Hopefully, it’s just a little bit of a cultural shift.”