Alyssa Laattin: ‘I’m Not Giving Up’ on Being an Indie Hairdresser

  • September 13, 2021

Amazons Hairdressers website shows a large assortment of products including nail polish, lip balms, and hair accessories.

The hairdressing site also offers tutorials and tips on using the salon.

In addition to hairdo, Laattina said she’s not giving up on being an independent hairderer, and hopes to work in the hairdresses industry as long as she can.

She said she plans to keep working at the salon as long the salon keeps offering free haircuts.

Laattina told The Huffington Post that she is currently trying to save money, and that she hopes to get by as long she can, although she does have plans to start a hair service business.

She also said she doesn’t think she’s done with hairdyling as a profession, and wants to get back into the business when she’s older.