This Hairdresser Is the ‘Hairiest Haircut I’ve Ever Seen’

  • August 4, 2021

When I first saw this hairstylist, I was struck by how clean, well-preserved, and pristine she was.

The hair is still in good condition and has never been dyed, but there are no blemishes or scuffs.

Her styling techniques are so subtle and sophisticated that it feels like she’s been honing her craft for decades. 

When I first arrived, she asked if I wanted to take a peek at her new salon.

After I accepted, she led me through the spacious salon, where we looked at her current collection and asked her about her current clients.

Her answers were a little quirky: I asked if we could take a picture with her new clients, which she did, and then we walked away.

As we left, I asked her if she was really the “hairy hairderer.” 

I guess I was the “Hairdresser”  She laughed, saying she didn’t know what that meant.

She’s the “hairiest hairderesser” I’ve ever seen.

That’s a nice compliment, but I don’t really know what “hairiness” is.

What I do know is that I’ve been waiting for a haircut that’s as well-cut and as well as beautiful as her.

I’ve seen many haircuts like that on television and movies, and I can tell you that this one is not one of them.

It’s gorgeous.

I am so happy to have this amazing hair salon.

I can’t wait to see the rest of her collection. 

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When I met the woman who started a hair salon with me

  • July 5, 2021

I was struck by how much I loved my hairstylist, and the way she made me feel at home in the salon.

It wasn’t just because she was so nice to me.

It was because she made my hair feel like home.

I started the business out of my love of hair, but it was only when I met a new stylist in Seattle that I realized I could turn my love for styling into a business.

I also realized that the beauty industry was in need of a stylist who could be my voice in the industry.

The stylist was there for me when I was on the road, and she was there when I needed her.

I couldn’t have made it at the salon without her.

The hairstylists who I’ve met have been so kind and supportive.

They’ve always offered me advice on styling and what to wear to work, and they’ve been very supportive and understanding of the way I approached the business.

In my business, we focus on getting the best out of our clients, and we also try to make sure we are using the right product and technique.

When I met this woman and asked her to help me run my hair salon, I was blown away by her professionalism and her enthusiasm for the job.

The way she treated me, and her approach to the business, made me so happy.

She made me look good and feel good about myself, and I loved the way the rest of my life changed because of her professionalism.

I know that there are a lot of people who feel that way, and that’s why I decided to open up my salon.

It’s not just that I was so excited to be working with someone who was like my sister.

She was also very nice and she helped me to have a great time at work.

I also had a really good time working with her.

She brought me out to the beach, we worked with the local kids and I learned a lot about local businesses, including how to make a great lemonade from scratch.

She also made sure to make time for me to see the local bands.

She’s been my friend since the beginning, and now I feel so blessed to have her as my stylist.

The people who work in hair care also bring a lot to the table.

They’re so helpful and patient, and so understanding.

I’ve had so many great conversations with my stylists and they’re all amazing people.

The salon also serves as a platform for me as a woman of color to learn more about the beauty of hair and how to look and act in the best way possible.

I love that there’s so much diversity in the beauty world and that there is so much that women of color can learn from the stylists that are doing great work.