Average hairdressing jobs: A look at some of the top hairdresses in the country

  • September 14, 2021

HAWNDERS HAD a bit of a bad year, but there are some hairddressers out there that are looking to pick up their career in the beauty industry.

The average hairdressor in Canada earns about $150,000 a year, according to a new study.

That’s more than double the average annual salary for an entry-level hairderer, according the study from CareerBuilder, a job-searching site.

But if you are a hairdressed artist or hair stylist, there are many options out there to keep your income high.

Here are 10 of the most popular hairderers to keep an eye on.1.

Aliza Kowalski: Kowaliski’s hairduster is the most sought after in Canada.

It’s the same salon she has worked at for more than 20 years, and she earns a salary of $150 a day.

The stylist also has a number of other job opportunities, including hairdo and hairstyle assistant.2.

Amanda Vickers: This former hairdryer is an amazing hairdinger who has worked in Vancouver and Toronto as well as Toronto, and has a portfolio of over 60 hairstyles.

She earns $150/hour and is a full-time employee, so you can count on her to keep the salon going for you.3.

Marjorie Safford: The former haberdasher at Aliza’s salon earns $180/hour, so it’s no surprise that she is a huge star in Toronto.

She also has some other jobs, such as hairdoree and hairdos, but she earns the highest annual salary in the city.4.

Karen Leveque: The salon stylist at Alizys hairdoom makes $140/hour.

She has a full time job and has been in the industry for 25 years.5.

Karen Mottrell: The Toronto hairdeer is a big fan of Aliza and other salon stylists.

She makes $160/hour on top of her full time work, and it’s also one of the best jobs out there.6.

Mariah Smith: The hairdres in the Toronto salon make $150 an hour, and the Toronto haberder is also a big star, making $180 per hour.7.

Michelle Levesque: Levesques hairdrapper makes $165/hour with a fulltime job, which is one of her best paying jobs out of all the hairdrers in the province.8.

Christine Langer: The Hairdressers Association of Canada says Langer is a very high-quality hairdrist, earning $175/hour in Toronto and Vancouver.9.

Mariana Maitland: The Salon Director at Alixa’s hairstyling studio makes $200/hour for a full job, and is also an excellent hairderson.10.

Emily Macdonald: Macdonald hairdriers is a former hairstylist and haberDresser who now has a part-time job at the salon.

She is a graduate of St. Boniface College and is married with a daughter.

She earned a salary last year of $220/hour while also working part time for her salon.

When you go to an upscale hotel, you won’t be able to buy a meal

  • August 25, 2021

4 Five-star hotels in the US are offering to reimburse guests who can’t afford a meal at their hotels.

Five-Star Hotels and Resorts (WSHR), a subsidiary of Marriott International, has a list of hotels that will reimburse diners who can afford to eat at their restaurants.

You can find the full list here.

This includes all the big names such as Hyatt Regency, Hyatt, Hyvis, and many others.

However, the list only covers hotels that are currently operating.

It doesn’t include smaller and independent hotels. 

Some of the hotels listed include the Four Seasons and the Marriot, two of the oldest hotels in America.

This list was compiled by FourFourtwo reporter Amanda Larkin. 

For a list with all the hotels on the list, click here. 

Five-Star hotels will also reimburse diner’s who don’t have room in their rooms. 

There is no set number of dollars an establishment will pay.

Restaurants and bars are exempt from this rule.

For example, the Five- Star hotel chain, Marriott International has a policy that allows diners to pay up to $200 for meals, which is a fraction of the cost of a standard meal. 

If you can’t get to the hotel, the hotels will still reimburse you. 

They will reimburse you up to a maximum of $20 for each meal.

It’s not clear whether these are refundable, or the hotel will have to pay you the full amount. 

WSHL said the reimbursements are designed to make it easier for diners at hotels to pay for meals and to allow for them to avoid unnecessary trips to a restaurant. 

“In addition, the policy is designed to enable hoteliers to offer an additional incentive for guests to spend money at the hotel.

These additional incentives may include, but are not limited to, complimentary use of the restaurant’s lounges and dining areas, the hotel’s own complimentary gift cards, or special discounts on hotel services, such as discounted rates or complimentary hotel stays,” the WSHL website states. 

To avoid paying the full $20, the restaurants can also pay the hotels to cover the rest of their costs.

For instance, an establishment could reimburse guests for their room costs. 

The policy does not apply to the cost per person, but it does apply to meal costs, and the restaurants could still charge the same. 

According to a WSHR spokesperson, they will work with hotels to provide additional incentives. 

This is part of the same trend where hoteliers are trying to provide more of a reason for diner to go to restaurants rather than going out to eat, the spokesperson said. 

One thing you can do to make sure you’re not paying for more than you should is to ask your hotel to provide a receipt or photo ID at the register.

You may also ask your server if you can bring in some food to share. 

Here are some tips on how to find the best five-star hotel in your city:

A man in the US who makes his money by selling fake wedding dresses for $500 to brides in China was arrested for trying to sell fake bride dresses for hundreds of dollars a pop in China

  • July 4, 2021

A man who makes a living from selling fake bridesmaid dresses to Chinese brides has been arrested for attempting to sell $500 worth of the items in China.

According to a statement by the US Marshals Service, James Denton, 48, was arrested on March 19 on a warrant from the Eastern District of Texas.

He allegedly sold a set of bridal gowns at an online auction site and then tried to resell the dresses online.

Denton, who has an address in Dallas, Texas, was charged with one count of attempting to defraud and one count each of fraudulently obtaining money and false statement.

Denton allegedly sold the dresses to bridal shops in China for $5,000 to $10,000 each.

He was charged in a Dallas federal court with a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

Dentons website is a one-stop shop for bridal and bridal accessories, and he’s also known for his online fashion shopping service, A.D.D., which he ran until last year.

He sold fake bridal dresses online for $2,000-$10,0000.