Why are people buying a wig at a salon in Adelaide?

  • July 21, 2021

A Melbourne salon has become an overnight hit after one of its customers opted for the controversial ‘goofy’ wig, which is a type of wig made from a thin strip of plastic with no hair attached.

In a post on the Facebook page of the Airdrie Salon, Alex Beasley, a hair stylist, wrote: ‘I have been selling my wig for a couple of months now and I thought I would post the story here so people could see what the fuss is about.’

Ms Beasley said her client had asked for a googly-style wig, with a small amount of hair attached, but had been told it would cost between $40 and $50.

‘I asked the lady who sold it to me if I could have some hair on it so I could try it out,’ she said.

“She said I could go to the wig shop for $40 to try it on, but that would cost me $50 and she said it was a waste of money to try on it for $50 in the first place.’

So, I got it from the wig store and she took it home and I did it for her, then she gave me a little amount of money back.’

She said if I had a bit more, she would have given me more to try.’

She said her customers often said they were scared of going to the salon.

She added she was told the wig was a wig made of plastic, and the customer would have to take a shower and brush her hair and make sure they were clean before they got it.

The salon, located at 101 Waring Street, Airdridge, has now been inundated with customer requests.

Many people have also been trying to get the wig online.

Alyssa Latham said she would be happy to help her client, who has a large head.

”I was at work and I was in the shower and I saw this beautiful blonde woman wearing a wig with a big head,” she said in a video message.

Ms Latham, a graphic designer, said she wanted to get her client’s wig to her, as it would be a big investment.