How to style your hairdresser

  • October 28, 2021

HANDY tips to help you look stylish at work article HARD COVERS: For a simple but chic look, you’ll want to pick a print from one of these printable, color-coded styles.

A print that says “Be Your Own Woman” or “Be Like You Are” is perfect for a casual look.

The print will add texture and depth to the design.

For a more formal look, look for a print that features text or imagery that says, “You’re Mine.”

“I think of a lot of my hairdresses as being for a different class, and I like the idea of taking the traditional design with me, even if it’s a slightly altered version of it,” said Stephanie, who works at the salon on the Upper West Side.

“It really just brings a new dimension to the look, because it really is an extension of my style.

It’s a lot more elegant and feminine.”

For a stylish look, pick a color from one printable style, such as “Be your Own Woman,” or choose from a color that’s printed on a printable fabric such as silk.

A printed fabric has the advantage of being flexible, and this print has the ability to be washed.

“When you wash it, you don’t have to worry about it breaking,” Stephanie said.

“You can wear it like a robe or it can be used for a cocktail dress or whatever you want.”

For more detailed instructions on how to style the fabric, such a print can be found here.

The printed fabric can also be purchased separately, and you can also purchase a custom print, which includes fabric, beads and jewelry.

A custom print is more expensive, but it also can be made to look as though you’ve chosen it yourself.

For more details on the print, including color codes and tips on how you can style it, check out this tutorial.

HARDCOVERS: Get your hair cut with our guide.

HAPPY HOUR: For an extra special treat, shop online for a quick hair cut and then hang it up to enjoy in your home.


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